independence day

God Bless America…our home sweet home.

Celebrating the Fourth of July in Newport Beach, CA is insane. The boardwalk by the ocean is bombarded with drunk people (some happy, some sad) and beach-goers with tiny bikinis, along with officers on horses monumenting everyone else; once in a while a partier will put down his/her beer to pet the horse and say how cute it is. People getting tickets for urinating in public, the overwhelming aroma of hot dogs and burgers on the grill, and the overall cacophony of laughter with good people on a hot summer day. This land is loveably unique. And I wouldn’t have asked for a better day in a better place.

But let’s not forget what the Fourth is all about! On the Forth, America celebrates our independence from Britain, but today we additionally celebrate something different. Today, we celebrate our independence from the past – our progress. Women have separated from the patriarchy that used to hold us down. Members of the LGBT community unite in a common equality that every person deserves. All ethnicities stand empowered and more advanced in society than how we were. The basic principles of our nation drive us – that every man is created equal. And today, we reminisce on how far we’ve come, but look toward the path ahead and recognize the lengths we still need to go to achieve this dream.

And on that note, remember that every day should be an independence day. Live towards what makes you feel alive, and break free of societal confinements. Be independent, always!

…And now to my favorite part of the Fourth, the style!


This American flag bandana made it easy to look patriotic, but was not distracting.


P.S. the 4th is a great excuse to wear red lipstick…


Go ‘Merica.

{xx, Kate}


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