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summer nights

These are the times that I look at the musical “Grease” and realize how relevant it is…minus the men singing high-pitched notes in skinny jeans and tight shirts. Summer nights really are special, and to me, they are waning.

I leave for my 1st year of college in 10 days. It feels like the summer flew by, and I have this strange feeling that time somehow cheated me. However, with time fleeting and all, I’ve come to appreciate every relationship I have and the place I call home so much more. That still doesn’t mean I’m completely amped to live in New York City next year!


With this outfit, I balanced the loudness of the orange cardigan with the simplicity of the all-white outfit underneath.


Looking back on these past four years of high school, I’ve realized that every decision I’ve made and every connection I’ve had has gotten me to where I am now, which is going to my dream school in my favorite city. That is why I’m going to (try to) never regret anything and live every day to the fullest. You never know how fast time goes by until your time is up.

{xx, Kate}


2 thoughts on “summer nights”

  1. I wish you all the best for college. Many people told me : ” College years are the best years of your life”. Personally, I don’t whether this is true or not, and I won’t know it until next year, as I am now taking a gap year. XOXO, from Germany:)

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