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Things have been insanely busy lately! I leave to college in T-5 days, which means I’ve been packing 24/7. It’s been pretty emotional too. I’m going through my room, making sure I’m not forgetting anything, but I’ll look at some item that brings back a memory, and then it hits me that I’m basically leaving a void here at home. My room will soon be empty, the life sucked out of it, and I can picture my sister going through what’s left in my closet to take my clothes, and then crying because I’m not there to tell her off.

But then I remind myself that this is my home, and my friends and family will always come back here, and I recover .

However, one thing I will not miss is California’s lack of seasons! Like right now, it’s wayy too hot. The season changes are one thing I’m excited for in NYC!


This outfit is “hot & cold” because of the hot-pink purse, versus the cool tones of the black.


Ah, don’t you just love color-blocking?


Remember how I’m obsessed with thrift shops? This Kate Spade purse is in almost perfect condition, along with these Steve Madden shoes, and I got them both at a thrift store!


1 thought on “hot & cold”

  1. Kate, what a fantastic job you did on the pictures and the names of the places you visited, wow are you a lucky girl to be experiencing all of this , so very happy and proud of you, Aunt Mary


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