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a europe diary: london (part I)

I recently returned from my first trip to Europe (London + Paris), and am so excited to share all the pictures with you guys! The only problem is that I have way too many to post at once, and don’t want to overwhelm you! So throughout the next two weeks, I’ll be consistently feeding them out. This post was about my first day in London.

My first impression of London was how cool the vibes were there. The best word I can use to describe it is innovative. It was like New York City in the way that in London they are very forward-thinking, except it felt much smaller than the Big Apple. Also, I felt incredibly safe there! I’m not sure why – maybe because the city never feels too big – but it was very relieving to be in a big city and feel this way.


We did some sight-seeing the first day. We stayed in the beautiful Corinthia hotel, and it was super close to all the sights! Big Ben was truly, very big, but it’s also super beautiful because of its delicate designs. The London Eye was also very cool to see, but we weren’t willing to wait in the long line!


These telephone booths can be spotted every block…how cute is that!


We also checked out Trafalgar Square on this day. It’s crowded, but beautiful. You can find loads of street artists and street performers here.


And that’s all for part one!

Until next time,

{xx, Kate}


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