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a europe diary: london (part II)

Our second day in London was spent exploring the city – even if that meant walking 20 miles. We started off in Camden Market outside of London. Camden is a very lovely town where a lot of locals live because London flats are quite expensive. Every weekend in Camden they have a huge market, which meant streets full of obscure, yet amazing, food, along with scattered classic English pubs and unique shops. I bought an adorable model-sized vintage Volkswagen van from one for my dorm room!

The pictures begin from Primrose Hill Park near Camden, where my family and I experienced what it was like to be a true Londonite. Everyone picnics on this hill, which overlooks the city. It was an exceptional moment, seeing all these people enjoying their day in the company of their loved ones. Everything seemed to be in slow-motion.


When we were walking from Camden to Primrose Hill, cool street art like this below could be seen left and right.


The rest of our time outside the city was spent pub-crawling, where we would discover incredibly innovative drinks that were usually gin-based (gin is a big deal there).

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.58.33 PM

We returned to the city to check out Buckingham palace.


The golden details on the Victoria Memorial and the gate of the palace were so intricate and beautiful. It’s pretty incredible to think of how much time and effort was put into these details.


The outfit I chose for this day was comprised of plaid so I could feel like a London native. The weather was intermittently gloomy and rainy, so if you’re on your way over there anytime soon, remember to bring a jacket!


Hyde Park is a massive set of greenery by Buckingham Palace. We enjoyed walking through the nature to escape the city, along with feeding the ducks, even though it was a bit rainy.


Cheerio, and see you in Paris nextime!

{xx, Kate}

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