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a europe diary: paris (part I)

Hello lovlies! Sorry I’ve been MIA…but I’m officially in college! It’s been incredibly fun, but among all the nights out and volleyball practices, I’M SO TIRED. But that’s normal, right?

(P.S. I’ll be posting a dorm tour very soon!)

Finally, here are pictures from the first day we went to Paris. Isn’t it gorgeous? The photo below is taken about after a 5 minute walk from the quaint, and very French, hotel we stayed in: Hotel Montalembert. Our hotel was awesome, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone going to Paris. It’s the opposite of modern, the elevators are like service lifts and the rooms are old (but in a cool way), but they serve free breakfast with lots of yummy pastries–and that is unbeatable.



When we first arrived in Paris via the Eurostar (the two hour train from London to Paris–I would also recommend!) we were welcomed with a beautifully pink sunset!


Later on in the night we checked out Notre Dame. It was incredible, but very eerie. There’s gargoyles lunging out from every corner of the facade, and they’re pretty menacing.


My first impressions of Paris were that it was just how I’d imagined it: very classic, romantic, and unchanging. It will forever have that beautiful Parisian charm!

More to come soon!

{xx, Kate}

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