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a europe diary: paris (part II)

Welcome back! Yesterday was my first day of classes at college and today was my second. I absolutely love my classes and cannot believe how lucky I am. Side note: one of my professors is adorable and very french, is a bestselling author in Europe, and apparently she’s knighted in france (okay, GOALS).

Back to it. We went to Louve! It is so easy to get lost in there and loose all sense of time–like a Vegas casino.


We even saw the Mona Lisa! It’s the tiniest painting in person and although I thought it was kind of overrated (da-Vinci die-hards don’t kill me), it’s a must-see.


How beautiful is it? My favorite section was by far the Impressionist paintings. A lot of the Louve is filled with religious paintings, so it was nice to get a more realistic take on the world with the Impressionist section.


Finally, we went to the top of the Eiffel tower! As much as I hate being such a tourist, this was something everyone needs to do if they’re visiting france. It was breathtaking!


{xx, Kate}

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