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nights in nyc

One of my first nights in college, my dorm hall floor went out to Shake Shack together. In California, we have In-and-Out, so I was especially excited to see how it rivaled! My food and all it’s salty-diabetes-goodness was pretty spectacular, but I have to conclude that nothing beats In-and-Out. I know it’ll be the first meal I have when I go home for winter break. And you can bet I’m getting Animal Fries, a Neapolitan shake, AND a double-double burger. The whole shebang.

For this excursion, I went for an extra-European look. Which of course meant stripes and red lipstick!


I had to take the typical subway shot.


Me and my roommate Grace being cute.


What’s all the buzz about? Shake Shack clearly pulls a lot of hype.


Here’s me cheesin’ after indulging. Now, back to homework.

{xx, Kate}



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