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costa rica

Pura Vida—a pure life…it exists. I was pleasantly surprised to find this phrase to be more than just words in Costa Rica.

I found this way of life in Costa Rica. I saw the words “Pura Vida” first on the way through customs at the airport. It was on a poster, looking like another slogan more than anything else. I was surprised to learn that the Costa Rican people actually follow this faith with dedication. They say it like a greeting, like we say hello or goodbye, to remind each other of what they value the most.

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When you visit Costa Rica, this is what you see: long valleys and rolling hills with grass taller than you; you drive a bit longer and suddenly you are surrounded by the dense foliage of the forest, lost in it; go on towards the coast and there is the ocean, vast and open.


It’s beautiful, but what I valued the most was the people. They are hard-working, friendly, and always happy. I think that’s what they mean by pura vida—that you can have a full life and experience true happiness only when you drop the things that you thought you needed but didn’t.


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