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My friend Olivia and I went in to downtown NYC into NoLita. She showed me around, since I’m usually caught in the Upper West side..


There’s always a lot to see in the city – street art, street food, and very interesting people – so we decided to go to one of her favorite spots: Ruby’s Cafe. It was a quaint, but busy little restaurant, and the food was AMAZING. Tip: get the pineapple and mint juice and the banana bread – it’s unbeatable!


We also stopped by Jars by Dani, a place I’ve been wanting to try since I moved to the city. I got the Cake Batter flavor and, my god, it was delectable. It tasted exactly like cake batter, without the whole feeling sick after.


Street Art! There’s so much of it downtown, so keep your eyes open.


It was a successful day , full of deliciousness!

Au revoir,



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