These are the last photos I took in New York City. Finals are done, school is over, my room is empty, and I am writing this from my comfy, full-sized bed in California.

I’m going to miss a lot about New York City. If you follow my blog, you know how much I love to explore downtown. Recently, I’ve just been going downtown by myself and checking out cool shops and cafes. I was surprised at how content I am with my own company.

I am definitely going to miss spring in the city. In California, we have year-round trees so you can’t experience winter, but in New York, you really notice life blooming. I’m also going to miss the great people I met this year, I’ve found a second family there.


My first year of college had a lot of ups and downs, and although it was difficult, I was thankful for the adversity. I’m in the process of becoming.



However, it was not easy seeing everyone leave. My roommate left two days before me, and there’s something terribly sad about looking at a room that was once filled with life and memories, and now seeing it absent of all that.


I’m proud of myself for making it this far–the year was full of adjustments, especially learning how to be more independent without my family around. I still have three more years to go, though, and I’m hoping they’re as great as this year was.


P.S. you may notice my hair is semi-pink in these pictures. On a whim, I dyed it with temporary die, so it literally came out the next day. It’s always fun to mess around with this stuff, though. It gave me a rose-gold color this time, which works for me!

With love,




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