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LA: day to night

This past weekend, my friend Amanda and I went up to LA to see a Post Malone concert. We decide to make a stay-cation out of the trip, which led us to hanging around Venice pre-Post Malone (see what I did there 😉 ) . We went to Gjelena and ordered a plate gnocchi and a plate meatballs. The meal was simple, but incredibly delicious. Later, we walked around Abbot Kinney and checked out all the street-art and shops Venice has to offer.


I chose to try out the fishnet-jean trend for a grungy-LA look.


Venice is beachy and cool. Abbot Kinney was lined with palm trees and colorful beach houses like the ones seen below.


We popped into Salt & Straw (also on Abbot Kinney) and gawked at their list of flavors: lavender honey, gooey chocolate brownie, citrus creamsicle, almond brittle with chocolate ganache…I ordered the Stumptown Coffee & Compartes Love Nuts. It was heavenly.


Later, we changed and got ready for the concert. I kept the same foundation for my day outfit, but darkened it for the night.

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The concert was fun, we even got to the second row. However, we almost got trampled by a crowd surfer who, for some reason, thought we would be the best people to catch him as he jumped…

I’ll post a youtube video of the whole trip later this week!


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