With only a month left of summer, I’m cherishing my time. I came home from a trip to pleasantly find that the ocean is a warm 70 degrees. It made me realize that I’ve been spending my summer away from the water. Instead I’ve been in an office, on the computer, or watching TV. It’s time for us let go and get back to what we love doing; to enjoy the beauty around us and rest–not on the couch–but outdoors.


This outfit was inspired by me, trying to have a more “free” attitude. The bell-bottoms I’m wearing are loose and branch out near the bottom. They make me feel comfortable–a comfort I’m not always used to when it comes to clothes.


The shirt I am wearing stretched to fit my body and was inspired by the Parisians–a culture I deeply admire because they live life so well!


As usual, its been grand..



4 thoughts on “higher”

  1. I love your outfit sweet girl! and that teal wall is absolutely stunning. But what I love most is the truth in this post. I yearn to make memories outside and not trapped within the four walls of a home! There’s so much life to live. xoxo, lauren

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