like stone

Being back at school this past month has kind of been a snap back to reality. Within the span of a month I’ve moved into a new room, reconnected with people I didn’t see over the summer, made new friends, turned in essays and taken tests, and learned a lot (school-wise and in life). All the while, I’ve been struggling to keep up with the things I love to do–my hobbies; they’re a part of who I am and it’s been tough to feel like that part of me is missing. This blog is one of those things (including the styling that goes with it), along with making films, traveling, exploring downtown, writing stories…


Honestly, it makes me so happy when I just get to dress up like I did today. My style is a big part of my identity, so naturally, when I’m in touch with my style, I’m happy.


Today, I whipped the hoops out of the closet for an (overdue) rendez-vous. Along with it, I tied a Madewell bandana around my pony and threw on a large black belt to have something contrast the all-white outfit.


I love this oversized jacket from Urban Outfitters. It’s so comfortable and the fact that it’s cute is an added plus.


See you next week!


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