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thanksgiving in toronto

“Thanksgiving” and “Toronto” aren’t two words you usually see placed together. Since I’m such a ~rule-breaker~ though, I decided to defy the norms and go to–you guessed it–Toronto (!!!!). It’s very random, I know, but my boyfriend and I both live in CA and we were going to stay in NYC for the break anyway, so we decided it would be fun to still stay close, but go somewhere new. Soo…Toronto!! (I’m still slightly salty we didn’t choose Miami or somewhere warm. Rookie mistake.)

Although we got to Canada unsure of what there was to do there and without any defined plans, we definitely made the best out of our trip. It was really fun exploring new terrains, trying McDonald’s poutine (yeah, I did that), having maple flavored candies, and being able to buy alcohol because we’re both of age there!

…and now for the pictures! *cue wholesome photo with experienced photo-bomber in the background to begin*


That’s me in the O.


We stumbled upon these iconic “Toronto” letters by accident. We were just walking around the downtown area when they randomly appeared on our right. The picture below shows the ice-skating rink (if you can even call it that) in front of the letters. It was very strange…everyone was walking on this ice-skating rink except for a few people who brought their own ice skates to skate on it. It was like a public rink, which I’ve never heard of before. I thought it was kinda weird. Or maybe I’m just weird.


Next is Ripley’s aquarium! Great for kids. Also about $40 or $50. It was a great experience but the entire time I found myself wishing I was a kid again so I could interact with the things made for kids (like tunnels and crawlspaces under tanks, etc).


The aquarium itself was pretty large and overall a fun time. My favorite exhibit was the jellyfish exhibit. They showed the different stages of growth a jellyfish goes through and even had baby jellyfish!


The tunnel shown below was very cool as well. It was their shark lagoon…spooky.


Lastly, the CN tower. The CN tower is a symbol of Toronto. It’s pretty cool to look at. These photos were taken on my favorite day there.


Besides a stunning sunset, we also went to a Christmas market which was really cool. I unfortunately didn’t take many photos there, but I can tell you that the market was just as you’d expect, but better: this means there were indeed white christmas lights hanging everywhere, gallons of hot chocolate and cider, trinkets, live performances, and excellent food. Going to the market was probably my favorite thing we did!

Overall, Toronto is a pretty cool city. I wouldn’t say it’s as high as New York, but it definitely has some cool attributes of its own.

Talk soon,


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