This break has been an absolute whirlwind! My family and I enjoyed christmas together (I got some new camera equipment, which I’ll hopefully use to make a new video soon, and new headphones), then I went to Hawaii with my Mom and sister, came home for New Year’s Eve, and am now currently in Mammoth snowboarding with my Dad, brother, and sister. Keep in mind this has all happened in a span of TEN DAYS. YEP.

Anyway, I wanted to share some pictures I took in Hawaii. I was going to make a video about the trip but (RIP) my SD card got corrupted so I lost all the photos and videos I took:(

FullSizeRender 39FullSizeRender 43

We stayed in our family friend’s house on the North Shore of Oahu. The house faced a popular surf spot and we were only a short walk away from Pipeline!

FullSizeRender 40

It was an amazing trip, but it started out stormy. When we landed, we were welcomed by pouring rain and lightning and thunder…not ideal conditions, to say the least.

The sun finally came out the next day, but it was spotty. The sunshine would come and go and trade off with dense clouds and light rain. However, at the end of every storm there’s a rainbow and that is exactly what we got: a spectacular, vibrant, striking rainbow!

FullSizeRender 38FullSizeRender 41FullSizeRender 35FullSizeRender 42FullSizeRender 36F83E079F-7A81-474A-B581-A2C143DA4F5F

The trip was amazing and it gave me some much-needed relaxation time.

Talk soon,


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