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costa rica

Pura Vida—a pure exists. I was pleasantly surprised to find this phrase to be more than just words in Costa Rica. I found this way of life in Costa Rica. I saw the words "Pura Vida" first on the way through customs at the airport. It was on a poster, looking like another slogan… Continue reading costa rica



Sorry I've been so on-and-off these past two weeks, but I've just finished my first semester of college! Finals were tough, but it's good to be back in sunny California. With this look, I layered a lace silk top under this button-up top. It added a touch of femininity to counteract the boxiness of the… Continue reading home

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a europe diary: paris (part III)

Hello again! I hope everyone has been having a great week. Currently, I'm writing this from a library at Columbia University. I'm sitting in front of a window with the most fantastic view of my campus. Honestly, I'm not sure how I was lucky enough to end up at my dream school, but I am… Continue reading a europe diary: paris (part III)