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be bold

With things being so warm, we trade in pants for shorts and sweaters for tanks. Since summer is here, take a deep breath and be bold. Relax and enjoy the warmth! {xx, Kate}

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june gloom

Today I'm wearing two of my favorite thrift finds: my coach black purse, and this new cute flannel. And not to forget, I'm wearing passed-down shoes from the 80's! Savin' money and lookin' good...hell yes! {xx, Kate}



It's amazing what you can find at a second-hand clothing store. I like to visit a thrift store at least once a month so I can find the most obscure, yet amazing pieces--and for so much less! With the cyclical trends in our stylish world, you have to keep in mind that trends recycle, so… Continue reading striped-out

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concert blues

This Friday my absolute favorite artist Andrew Bird came to San Diego, so being the dedicated fans my boyfriend and I are, we made the 2 1/2 hour trek down to San Diego. With this look, I went with the typical dark colors we wear to concerts, but added a pop of color with the… Continue reading concert blues

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new hair (!)

Ah, senior year--a year for experimentation (AKA go wild!). So earlier this month I temporarily died my hair purple, but that wasn't enough. Flash forward to two weeks later, and I'm sitting in the salon, watching long pieces of my hair fall to the floor. At first it was a tad shocking. I'd reach for… Continue reading new hair (!)

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Sometimes the best-looking outfits are the easiest to put together. I was in a rush today, so I simply threw on this grey sweater, and matched its light tone with these bleached boyfriend jeans. I had a bad case of bedhead, but it was easy to counteract it with a nice braid. Braids are always… Continue reading simplistic


warming up, they said…

So they call this Spring... Living in California means endless days of sunshine and swimming and licking rocket pops while the blue, red, and white sticky syrup drips down your hand, right? I guess not. This week especially has been filled with with gray clouds and cold, blistering rain. Any other week I would't mind,… Continue reading warming up, they said…