Went for a Nancy-from-Stranger Things kinda look. Also, I decided to mess around and change my signature (used to be {kate}). I know, I'm crazy right??? LOVE [Kate]

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neutral heights

I know, I've said it so many times before, but I just love thrift shops. There's something magical about finding a piece in one, like you've struck gold - which may partly be because it's sometimes so hard to find actually cute clothes. Thrift shops are also a haven for unique clothes, like these overalls I picked… Continue reading neutral heights

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be bold

With things being so warm, we trade in pants for shorts and sweaters for tanks. Since summer is here, take a deep breath and be bold. Relax and enjoy the warmth! {xx, Kate}



It's amazing what you can find at a second-hand clothing store. I like to visit a thrift store at least once a month so I can find the most obscure, yet amazing pieces--and for so much less! With the cyclical trends in our stylish world, you have to keep in mind that trends recycle, so… Continue reading striped-out