Went for a Nancy-from-Stranger Things kinda look. Also, I decided to mess around and change my signature (used to be {kate}). I know, I'm crazy right??? LOVE [Kate]


white light

New blog post, new age (!?). That's right...I'm 20 (as of Sunday), and still not any wiser. Just happy to be here, folks!! These were actually taken on my birthday. I put on my best birthday suit (not in that way) and explored the city. With this outfit, I went for a vintage look; I kept it… Continue reading white light


lady in red

Today I'm getting on a flight back to my second home, NYC, for 5 days. I can't wait to be back in the lights, energy, and charisma of the city. The style you see there is so unique--well, there's a lot of people with none, but usually when you walk down the street you will… Continue reading lady in red


american girl

A little bit of hip hop, a little bit of vintage. I always like to wear my hoops whenever I can because they add some flare to every outfit. The hoops, along with the platform sneakers, made this look half hip hop. I threw on this vintage long sleeve to contrast that. Sorry for the… Continue reading american girl

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all I want for Christmas is…

This is a special blog post dedicated to the holidays in the our household...Behold the cuteness! Now for the gifts. I'm technically still a teenager, so I'm gonna ride the gift-getting instead of the gift-giving for as long as I can. (Don't worry, I still get people gifts). These Epicuren products are some stocking-stuffers from… Continue reading all I want for Christmas is…

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neutral heights

I know, I've said it so many times before, but I just love thrift shops. There's something magical about finding a piece in one, like you've struck gold - which may partly be because it's sometimes so hard to find actually cute clothes. Thrift shops are also a haven for unique clothes, like these overalls I picked… Continue reading neutral heights

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New York is being bipolar. It was the strangest thing - last week, it was bitterly cold. I'm talking in the low forties (which is COLD for a Californian!). Then over the weekend (and when these photos were taken) it was in the seventies...until the afternoon when the sky started thundering and raining and I… Continue reading barren

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c’est la vie

It's starting to get chilly in New York - as if the city drank too many iced coffees and is just now starting to feel it. Finally, though, I've left the California-weather bubble and am able to start wearing real coats. I'm so excited for the outfits to come (as cheesy as that is), and I'm… Continue reading c’est la vie

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the lights

I recently did a shoot with a friend from school in Times Square. We used her favorite reflective glasses to mirror the lights of the city... The fur coat paired with my favorite ripped jean shorts and red lips made for a look to kill. {xx, Kate}