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saturday soirée

Your girl is back and is recovering from another case of strep throat (since being back at college). Apparently you can reinfect yourself--which I didn't know because I'm a strep-rookie. Well, I was two months ago. Now I'm a veteran. The war changed me. *cue dark dramatic music* It's been hard to get out and… Continue reading saturday soirée


red fall

Bonjour mes amis! I hope everyone is is picking up here in NYC, and so is fall--thank god. I love fall, especially in the city where all the trees transform colors! There's nothing like it. I love this simple, red really pops! That's all for now. See you next week! {Kate}

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This week I decided to finally get out of my campus bubble and explore New York... It was my first time going to SoHo, and I loved it! It's a very fashionable neighborhood, even the buildings are aesthetically pleasing. And after exploring, we went to Georgetown cupcakes. It was AMAZING. Their red velvet cupcake is… Continue reading soho

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ML x MoMa

Did something special today... A few friends and I went to the MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) in NYC. Modern art is my absolute favorite - the vibrancy, the abstractness of it all - so I had such a great time. Below are some of my favorite paintings, and of course a funky outfit to… Continue reading ML x MoMa

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neutral heights

I know, I've said it so many times before, but I just love thrift shops. There's something magical about finding a piece in one, like you've struck gold - which may partly be because it's sometimes so hard to find actually cute clothes. Thrift shops are also a haven for unique clothes, like these overalls I picked… Continue reading neutral heights

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New York is being bipolar. It was the strangest thing - last week, it was bitterly cold. I'm talking in the low forties (which is COLD for a Californian!). Then over the weekend (and when these photos were taken) it was in the seventies...until the afternoon when the sky started thundering and raining and I… Continue reading barren