Went for a Nancy-from-Stranger Things kinda look. Also, I decided to mess around and change my signature (used to be {kate}). I know, I'm crazy right??? LOVE [Kate]


vlog: post malone

Snippets from Amanda and I's trip to LA to see Post Malone preform! xx, {Kate}

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LA winter

I took a trip up to LA this past week. Since returning from NYC, I've been expecting warmth and sunshine, but to my surprise, it's been rather cold here. I'm fine with it though, it's an excuse to still wear beanies & scarfs! In this outfit, I matched the cream of my beanie with the… Continue reading LA winter


a trip to universal studios hollywood

For one exceptional day, my film class friends and I were able to skip school and go to (our) happiest place on earth: Universal Studios Hollywood! For a lot of them, it was their first time there. For me, it was my third in the past year. But what can I say? I'm a movie… Continue reading a trip to universal studios hollywood