Went for a Nancy-from-Stranger Things kinda look. Also, I decided to mess around and change my signature (used to be {kate}). I know, I'm crazy right??? LOVE [Kate]



These are the last photos I took in New York City. Finals are done, school is over, my room is empty, and I am writing this from my comfy, full-sized bed in California. I'm going to miss a lot about New York City. If you follow my blog, you know how much I love to… Continue reading closure

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ML x MoMa

Did something special today... A few friends and I went to the MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) in NYC. Modern art is my absolute favorite - the vibrancy, the abstractness of it all - so I had such a great time. Below are some of my favorite paintings, and of course a funky outfit to… Continue reading ML x MoMa

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New York is being bipolar. It was the strangest thing - last week, it was bitterly cold. I'm talking in the low forties (which is COLD for a Californian!). Then over the weekend (and when these photos were taken) it was in the seventies...until the afternoon when the sky started thundering and raining and I… Continue reading barren

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You know it's gonna be a good day when you are able to wear your favorite pants. These checkered slacks are from my mom's stack of clothes from the 80s. I love their uniqueness, paired with the clean checkered pattern - and that they always make me stand out in a crowd! Because they're so… Continue reading always

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Being the basic chick I am, I went to the MET to be an archetype of Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl... Just kidding. My family was visiting me in NYC, so of course I had to take them to the Met! And being from California, they were surprised by the how fast it changed… Continue reading progressive

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c’est la vie

It's starting to get chilly in New York - as if the city drank too many iced coffees and is just now starting to feel it. Finally, though, I've left the California-weather bubble and am able to start wearing real coats. I'm so excited for the outfits to come (as cheesy as that is), and I'm… Continue reading c’est la vie

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the lights

I recently did a shoot with a friend from school in Times Square. We used her favorite reflective glasses to mirror the lights of the city... The fur coat paired with my favorite ripped jean shorts and red lips made for a look to kill. {xx, Kate}

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nights in nyc

One of my first nights in college, my dorm hall floor went out to Shake Shack together. In California, we have In-and-Out, so I was especially excited to see how it rivaled! My food and all it's salty-diabetes-goodness was pretty spectacular, but I have to conclude that nothing beats In-and-Out. I know it'll be the… Continue reading nights in nyc