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hot & cold

Things have been insanely busy lately! I leave to college in T-5 days, which means I've been packing 24/7. It's been pretty emotional too. I'm going through my room, making sure I'm not forgetting anything, but I'll look at some item that brings back a memory, and then it hits me that I'm basically leaving… Continue reading hot & cold


in bloom

This fun + flirty outfit was perfect for a hot summer day! {xx, Kate}



It's amazing what you can find at a second-hand clothing store. I like to visit a thrift store at least once a month so I can find the most obscure, yet amazing pieces--and for so much less! With the cyclical trends in our stylish world, you have to keep in mind that trends recycle, so… Continue reading striped-out



It was a bittersweet night. Last Saturday was my senior prom. I think almost three times I looked around at all my friends dancing on the dance floor and just about broke down and started crying. But then I remembered how excited I am to move on to the next chapter in my life!  … Continue reading PROM

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new hair (!)

Ah, senior year--a year for experimentation (AKA go wild!). So earlier this month I temporarily died my hair purple, but that wasn't enough. Flash forward to two weeks later, and I'm sitting in the salon, watching long pieces of my hair fall to the floor. At first it was a tad shocking. I'd reach for… Continue reading new hair (!)